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 We committ to offer nimble, flexible service to meet the immediate needs of our homeless population, while simultaneously building a network between US and Canadian homeless service NGOs, so that we may solve this humanitarian crisis together.   



 It started with three housemates bringing a lunch of macaroni and cheese to a tent camp one rainy Saturday. It has grown into a dedicated team of volunteers, in partnership with local businesses, a university club, and international support.   


Income inequality, limited healthcare access, and a contrived housing shortage have radically changed life in the US and Canada. In the US alone there are over 500,000 homeless people. 

This humanitarian crisis is being met by a very diverse, and disparate population. From churches to punk rock bands, from college students to retired military, people from all walks of life are helping however they can. 

But until now they have had no way to network, share resources, or address internal issues like burnout. We propose to network NGOs in both countries through social and digital platforms, a yearly North American conference, and regional workshops. 

Woman handing sandwich to man in baseballcap. Photo by Autumn Sun, Santa Cruz, CA.  Contact for perm

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