We are privileged to have volunteers from all walks of life! Nurses, college students, professors, retirees, and people currently or previously experiencing houselessness all lend a hand.


Through our partnership with UCSC's Care Club and The Food Recovery Network, local students are giving back to their community, and reducing food waste!

*More than 20 students volunteered with us last spring. 

*Through The Food Recovery Network, our volunteers will transport fresh, healthy food from UCSC restaurants and cafeterias to people in need.


We exist because of you. Really.

Without our volunteers, we would have stayed how we started; three housemates who wanted to serve a warm meal. Your creativity, dedication, and encouragement has brought us here-a fledgling organization with a lofty mission and a lot of determination. We know we can't solve homelessness overnight. But we can serve a warm meal, offer dry socks, and listen with an open heart.